New Towne Gallery Showcases Sarah Andreas’ Vibrant Epics to Empowerment and Healing - Fine Art by Sarah Andreas

New Towne Gallery Showcases Sarah Andreas’ Vibrant Epics to Empowerment and Healing

Sarah Andreas’ Latest Collection Takes Center Stage in Millersburg’s Renowned Art Haven

MILLERSBURG, OH – New Towne Gallery, situated at the cultural heart of Millersburg at 55 West Jackson Street, proudly announces the addition of Sarah Andreas' transformative artwork to their carefully curated collection. Gallery Owner Mark Miller extends a warm invitation to art enthusiasts to experience the profound visual narratives crafted by Andreas, whose work is known for its vibrant exploration of nature, healing, and bold self-expression.


A fortuitous meeting at the ZADA fundraiser in November 2023 sparked the collaboration between Miller and Andreas, leading to the display of her select pieces in the recently remodeled gallery space. The featured collection includes "Whispers of Healing," "Yellow Splendor," "Healing Flower," "Unapologetically Bold," and "Unapologetically an Authority," each piece offering a unique window into Andreas' soul-stirring artistic vision.


"Whispers of Healing," a 36" x 36" canvas, invites viewers into a realm where serenity and strength coalesce, while "Yellow Splendor" and "Healing Flower" weave a tapestry of tranquility and resilience with their lush, floral elegance. "Unapologetically Bold" and "Unapologetically an Authority" are declarations of self-assurance and dynamism, echoing the hues and textures of conviction and self-assuredness.


Sarah Andreas, whose work has captivated audiences with its layered complexity and emotional depth, says, "Art has the power to mirror the human experience, to comfort and to challenge. It's a joy to bring my creations to New Towne Gallery, where the fusion of art and community is celebrated."


Gallery Owner Mark Miller adds, "Sarah Andreas' work is a beacon of contemporary artistry. Her pieces not only embellish spaces but also imbue them with a sense of introspection and inspiration. We are honored to house her work and share it with our community."


The art can be viewed and purchased at New Towne Gallery, which is now open following a beautiful remodel that offers a fresh and modern backdrop to the vibrant works of Sarah Andreas. For more information, please contact the gallery at or call 330.473.6027.


Contact Information:

New Towne Gallery

55 West Jackson Street

Millersburg, Ohio 44654


Phone: 330.473.6027


About Sarah Andreas:

Sarah Andreas is an esteemed mixed media artist whose work delves into the transformative power of the human spirit and the natural world. Her paintings serve as a canvas for contemplation and a celebration of the boldness of being.


About New Towne Gallery:

New Towne Gallery is Millersburg’s premiere destination for contemporary art, featuring a diverse array of works from local and international artists. The gallery's recent renovation underscores its commitment to providing a sophisticated and accessible art experience to visitors and collectors alike.

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