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In 2019, after completing my PhD in Organizational Leadership, I envisioned a future crisscrossing the U.S., sharing insights on personal leadership and growth. That trajectory shifted dramatically following a coaching retreat in early 2020, just before the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. This period of forced introspection led me to trade coaching sessions with peers.

The lockdown era became a crucible for transformation. I initiated a research study on creative practices and leadership development, which unexpectedly steered me towards painting—a medium I had never explored before. Encouraged by an artist friend and further honed by the Milan Art Mastery program, I discovered a profound connection to oil painting. Remarkably, my art began to sell, affirming my newfound path.

This journey wasn't without its challenges, particularly an identity crisis navigated with invaluable coaching. I realized that my art conveyed the very themes of inspiration and transformation I had aimed to teach. In 2023, my focus was on cultivating 'meaningful' interactions and experiences, reinforcing my love for the life I was shaping. By 2024, this evolved into a desire to "have a love affair with life," amplifying this passion and sharing it widely.

My goal is to create art that speaks to the soul of inspiring and celebrating transformation and personal growth.

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The Question - Fine Art by Sarah Andreas

The Question

"The Question" is a thought-provoking 48 x 48 mixed media oil painting that invites viewers into a world where the boundaries between the real and the surreal beautifully blur. The central focus is a glass dome, within which lies a serene landscape, a quaint house nestled beside a waterfall, hinting at a hidden world of peace and solitude. Perched atop the dome, a raven, often a symbol of mystery and knowledge, gazes out with piercing eyes that seem to question the viewer's perception of reality. Surrounding the dome are the rich, velvety petals of a succulent flower, a symbol of Strength, tenacity, and selfless love. The backdrop's deep blues and teals, adorned with abstract motifs, evoke a dreamlike atmosphere that complements the ethereal theme. This painting is an exploration of introspection, nature's beauty, and the profound questions that arise when one encounters the unexpected juxtapositions of life.