Transformational Commissions

Commission Your Personalized Transformational Artwork with Sarah Andreas

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with a custom piece of art that captures the essence of your personal transformation.

What is a Transformational Painting?

In every brushstroke and hue, there lies the potential to inspire and evoke deep, spiritual connections. My art transcends traditional verbal expression, tapping into the profound language of emotions and dreams. It's not just a painting; it's a beacon of hope, courage, and the limitless possibilities within you.

As an artist, I infuse mindfulness and intention into each commission, crafting a visual representation of your inner strength and the fearless pursuit of breaking free from self-imposed limitations. My inspiration comes from the belief that art is a powerful communicator of transformation, possibility, and courage.

The Commission Process: A Journey of Co-Creation

  1. Initial Contact: Email me with your vision, desired size, and inspirations (like a Pinterest folder or favorite colors).

  2. Personal Consultation: We'll have a one-on-one call to discuss the essence of your transformational painting.

  3. Budget Considerations: Let me know your budget to tailor the artwork to your needs.

  4. Progress Updates: Opt to receive photo updates of your artwork's progress.

  5. Satisfaction Assurance: Our journey concludes with your complete happiness - guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

  6. Naming Your Art: You play a crucial role in naming your painting, adding to its personal significance.

  7. Delivery: Your artwork, insured and carefully packaged, arrives at your doorstep.

The Essence of Sarah Andreas Art

All commissioned pieces are unique, created on premium gallery-wrapped canvas using mixed media and finished with oil paint. They are more than just paintings; they are reflections of your personal story, a testament to growth and inner beauty.

Begin Your Artistic Journey

Email me to start creating a work of art that not only adorns your space but also resonates with your soul.

Featured collection

Step into the vibrant world of the 'Unapologetically Series,' a collection that celebrates the spirit of living boldly and authentically. Designed to resonate with individuals in their empowering journey of self-realization, each piece in this series is a testament to courage, self-love, and the transformative power of embracing one's truth. With bold strokes and radiant hues, these paintings capture the essence of being unapologetically oneself, offering a visual ode to the strength and beauty inherent in every woman. This collection is not just about art; it's about a movement of fearlessness, a call to embrace our stories and dreams without reservation, igniting a spark of inspiration for every woman who seeks to rise, unbound and unafraid, in her unique brilliance.