Happy New Years - I think? - Fine Art by Sarah Andreas

Happy New Years - I think?

Just five days ago, I found myself cozily nestled in my studio/office, savoring the sweet taste of tea from my favorite orange Yeti mug. It was a time for reflection, a moment to set my intentions for the new year. Confidence and assurance were my companions.

Throughout the past year, my mantra was unwavering: “I am living the life I love.” And it wasn't just talk; it was my truth. I brought to life a series of paintings, capturing the essence of inspirational women, touching the hearts of many. My days at Kent State Tuscarawas were filled with the joy of teaching, of sharing knowledge. Memories of sunny days in Florida with Dan still bring a smile to my face, and let's not forget the culinary adventures – both at new spots and cherished favorites.

So, here's the thought that struck me: What if I take this love affair with life to a whole new level in 2024? Why not amplify this beautiful existence of mine, maybe by tenfold? What could possibly be better? In my mind's eye, I can see this romance with life – it's a dreamy, soft-focus scene, dotted with vibrant pops of hot pink. Imagine a social media post where someone is leisurely sipping a fancy drink, the background a blur of some idyllic, warm haven. That's the vibe I'm chasing.

Now, as I type this, I'm chuckling at the cascade of spelling errors under my fingertips. My fingers seem rebellious today, eager to tap the wrong keys. But I resist the urge to correct them; I'm too caught up in sharing this journey. Isn't this, in a way, like a love affair? You meet someone incredible, and you're swept off your feet. You're thinking about them, spending time with them, and then – bam – their quirks surface. You ponder, can I really spend my life with this person? You weigh the good against the bad. And just when doubt creeps in, they make you laugh, and suddenly, the annoyances seem trivial.

That's exactly where I find myself now, just three days into this year-long focus. I'm in the heart of this story – it's funny, it's challenging, but more than anything, it's a plunge into the unknown. Embracing a love affair with life means opening up, being vulnerable, and sharing this journey with everyone. It's about being raw and real. And now, as I stand at the crossroads of my intentions and fears, I find myself hesitating. Can I truly commit to this level of openness? Can I handle the unpredictable waves of life with grace and honesty? The confidence I started with now dances with doubt, and I can't help but wonder: where will this path lead me on January 3rd, 2025?
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